What massage is best for you?


This is the question I get asked most often.

Every person is unique therefore so is every ‘body’. Before I begin a session  we will sit down and discuss exactly what the complaint is and look at some important points:

  • how long have you been dealing with the issue?
  • where is the discomfort?
  • does it travel to another part of your body or is it localised?
  • is it made better or worse by any other factors?
  • what was going on in your life when the pain started?
  • could it be related to stress?

When we have the whole picture it becomes much easier for me to determine the best course of treatment to take which will give you the best results for healing to occur.

Generally only 2-4 treatments are required then you can call in for maintenance as you choose.

Most HICAPS rebates are available with all our remedial massage treatments which means you can swipe your health fund card and only pay the difference.


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